Top digital marketing trends for 2017

Digital marketing is defined by rapid social media changes, accelerated prominence of video content and constant technology upgrades. As we kick off 2017, it’s a chance to regroup and to develop new strategies to propel brands forward in the upcoming twelve months.

Videos will be a phenomenal Growth Channel

2017 will see an explosion of video content published on YouTube, Facebook, instagram and other social channels. Live video has suddenly become the internet’s favorite shiny new toy. More than 50% of mobile data is already dominated by video clips. Facebook is planning a dedicated video tab in their apps.

Behaviour based email marketing - Increased Personalisation

People's inboxes are flooded with emails and newsletters. The best way to stand out and to lower unsubscribe rates is to segment customer mailing lists based on consumer behaviour and to send messages which are of interest to the recipient.

Content Marketing trends

The importance of content marketing has been growing over the last couple of years. But don’t forget content alone is not the king. Distribution is equally important because great content that does not reach out to the right people does not mean much.

Native Advertising

This is not a new method but it still will increase its prominence in 2017. Especially because of the diminishing penetration of many other ad methods like banner ads (ad blockers) and reduced organic social media reach.

Mobile devices and wearables

Innovative technology and the use of mobile apps will even become more integrated into our daily patterns. This will also dramatically influence consumers at the point of purchase.

Influencer marketing

The rise of social media influencers creates a whole new world of possibilities. It’s fact that warm word of mouth recommendations create more sales than paid advertising.