Target your customers with remarketing

Remarketing is the practice of utilising tools to track customers that visit your website, by subsequently “following” them around the internet and presenting your ads and follow up emails. With the aim of directing them back to your site for further interest and possible conversion.

According to recent studies 96-98% of all web traffic leaves a site without making a purchase. Remarketing is a very effective form of targeted advertising and can dramatically increase your conversion rates and Return on Investment.

Benefits of remarketing:

  • Longer reach for your brand
  • Keep your brand front of mind
  • High brand exposure
  • Conversion rate booster
  • Higher ROI on advertising spend
  • Ability to target a specific audience of warm leads
  • Easy to control budgets
  • Higher relevancy of ads

Remarketing techniques and tools

Google remarketing ads

Google AdWords remarketing is a form of online advertising that enables you to show targeted ads to users who have already visited your site. After installing the remarketing tag on your site, Google can track your audience and only display your ads to this particular segment. You can also upload your existing email lists and use these contacts as a target audience.

Google remarketing operates on a cost per click basis, every time your ad is displayed and is not clicked, the cost of displaying your ad is completely free. With thousands and potentially tens of thousands of free impressions every month. You only pay if a customer clicks on the ad and lands on your website.

Facebook remarketing ads

The Facebook Business Manager also enables you to upload existing customer lists and will match the email addresses to personal Facebook user accounts. This is a great way to remarket, extend offers and enjoy a high advertising ROI by remarketing to this group. You can also market to a custom website audience by targeting everyone who visits your site or single pages which have the Facebook tracking pixel installed.

One of the big benefits is the capitalize on social proof. Which means that existing customers are more likely to react and to share your ads or posts.

Abandoned Cart Recovery emails

Abandoned cart emails is an eCommerce term used to describe automated email reminders sent to registered customers who exit a website after adding items to their shopping cart but failed to check out. Since abandon cart rates can be as high as 70% the importance of such follow up emails speaks for itself. Most of the modern shopping cart systems have abandoned cart recovery functionality built in as a standard feature.

CRM and Remarketing Tools

There are plenty of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems and automated remarketing tools available. From simple cost effective solutions like Mailchimp, which plug into the most common CMS Systems, to high end enterprise applications like the Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Popular systems 
Mailchimp, Zoho, HubSpot, SalesForce, Wishpond, OntraPort, ActiveCampaign, Adobe Marketing Cloud and many more …

Common features 
Audience segmentation, online and subscription forms, marketing automation, A/B testing, landing page builder, website popups, contests and promotions, split actions, email marketing and automated emails, automated SMS notifications, payment automation, tracking, analysing and much more ….

The benefit of such systems are that you can set up a trail of automated emails which trigger when the customer takes a certain action on your website. For example if someone subscribes as a member on an online shop a whole trail of preset automated emails can be scheduled to be sent to that customer over a certain period of time.


It is fact that not every visitor will complete an action the first time they visit your site. There is a high likelihood that they will periodically shop around and visit your competitors websites. Using remarketing is a very cost effective marketing technique to increase conversions and return on investment.

To map out the best strategy and software solution for your business we recommend you talk to an online marketing expert. Feel free to contact us to book a FREE consultation. We can show you how to implement an effective remarketing campaign. No obligation, just an honest chat about the possibilities.