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Now For The Interesting Part!

At FluxWeb we only offer Managed Hosting packages. "What does this mean, I hear you ask?"

Managed hosting is where a website is hosted on a server but managed through a online administration system that is maintained, updated, supported and kept secure 24/7. It gives users access to millions of dollars worth of online business tools for a fraction of the cost through an economy of scale. Keeping all your online needs and data in the one place with one simple login.

Unmanaged hosting is just a space on a server that you need to fill with your website code. You would need a programmer to update any content and a number of different suppliers and systems if you need to manage emails, email marketing or an online shop.

Why Managed Hosting?

Well instead of simply getting some space on a server to put your static website code. For a similar cost you can now afford a secure, self administered, all-in-one, online system, packed full of features and tools to make life easier and business more profitable.

As you know the internet is a fast evolving industry. Due to the speed and advances in technology we can now offer Managed Hosting for around the same cost as unmanaged hosting.

No more moving data between a handful of separate solutions. No more remembering 10 log ins for different products. No more wrestling with techie stuff, or chasing up that programmer.

Manage and edit your own website, run marketing campaigns. Know your customers better, react faster and track their actions easier. Sell your products and care for your customers by keeping your fingers on the pulse. Managed Hosting is redefining website and making them online businesses.

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