What we do

Flux Creative is an integrated digital marketing agency.

Specialising in website development, online strategy, optimisation, branding, identity, design and marketing.
We tap into over 20 years experience all under the one roof to deliver clever creative with a laser like target on getting results.

Digital Development

With nearly 2 decades of experience developing in the digital space, we've been involved in most of the digital trends in one way or another. To create effective and accountable online solution it is important to select the right technology and design engaging interactive experiences for users. To do this we focus on the customer experience, targeted actions, simple communication and effective design. With the ultimate aim to achieve results for our valued clients.

At Flux Creative we understand that the design of your website is important, but so is making profit. So we formulate a plan that suits you, then apply the very latest technology and years of experience to deliver the best digital solution for your business.

Take a look at examples of our digital portfolio here.


Flux Creative are very experienced at implementing marketing plans and driving campaigns to succeed. We analyse your market place, recommend suitable channels, map out a schedule, design and develop the creative, then run it, or show you how to do it yourself. Our team of online marketing specialists know how to get a business or brand heard.

We will find the most effective Marketing tools for your needs and build a community around your business.

  • • Blogs
  • • SEO / SEM
  • • Google AdWords and Merchant Center
  • • Facebook and Instagram ads
  • • Social Media management and campaigns
  • • Electronic direct mail
  • • Print

We know the best ways to spread your message!


In this very complicated and cluttered digital market place, more than ever your message needs to be targeted. You wont be able to do this without quality analysis and a good plan.

Our team at Flux Creative can research, plan and execute a full marketing strategy to suit your needs. Whether it be an Online Review, a Social Marketing strategy, Electronic Direct Mail campaigns or an integrated Print campaign, our end goal is always the same... to make you profit.

First we listen, then we research, analyse and evaluate, document, plan and strategise. We provide insights, ideas, directions, recommendations, methods and outcomes. Once the program is underway we continually monitor and review the plan to make sure every action is effective.


Our experienced designers love creating new identities, branding and design ideas that connect with your market. We analyse and implement strategies that suit your purpose and lead to effective design solutions. We aim to meet your needs but strive to exceed your expectations. Drawing on a wide range of design skills, from print to digital, packaging, signage, billboards and more.

Our process is very thorough but efficient. We've been doing it for over 20 years so you'd think we should know a few things about good design and creativity.



You never get a second chance at making a good first impression. In this world of increasing visual clutter, a powerful and memorable identity is your most important asset. We have designed hundreds of logos over the years, from small retailers to large listed companies.

We approach the development of an identity with a mix of science and design, always in close collaboration with the client. Showing them the power of perception and how to stand out in their chosen market. We guarantee them a unique and memorable identity that will communicate the very essence of their product or service. All our clients end up with a result worth bragging about.

Take a look at examples of our identity portfolio here.


Even though we are heavily involved in the digital space these days, this was where it all began for us and where the art of communication is more refined.

We have vast experience in designing & producing all varieties of printed collateral. Such as, stationery, corporate material, presentation folders, catalogues, leaflets and flyers, brochures, newsletters, annual reports and much more. All backed up by our reliable, fast and affordable print service.

Take a look at examples of our print portfolio here.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing campaigns are very popular and effective ways to, keep in touch with past, present and future customers, by sending out offers, coupons and loyalty campaigns or just keep your brand infront of customers eyes.

We can create an email campaign strategy for you, then give you the power to send out newsletters and monitor readership reports whenever you like. We can design an email newsletter for you or let you choose from a range of predesigned templates.

Email marketing isn't about sending mail electronically, it's about sending the right message, to the right people, at the right time. We can help you get stared.


Running an online business is more than just selling products online. You need to create a good user experience, insentivise customers, create campaigns, market and optimise the site, capture and analyse data and much more.

At Flux Creative we have experience in building and marketing a variety of shopping cart solutions. Businesses often underestimate what is involved, we can guide you through the process and help you prioritise where to put your resources.

Before you know it you'll be selling products, fulfilling orders, managing stock levels and collecting payments automatically. Organise a meeting with us to find out how.

Content Creation

Whether it's the written word, photography or video, content can make or break a customers ability to understand who you are and what you do. Unfortunately content development is often underestimated and therfore left until last minute. It is also very hard for the owners of a business to see themselves objectively from the custoemrs point of view. This is where we can be useful.

Flux Creative can be on hand to help you as much as you desire or your budget allows. We can help craft a simple catch phrase, write a story about your business or develop a whole suite of content for print and online use. It's up to you.

Great imagery is also undervalued but is essential to capture the fast scanning eyes of a website visitor or tell a complicated message at a seconds glance. We can help shape the image you put forward to your customers.