What we do

Website Design

What impression do you make?

Statistics show that it takes, on average, one second for a viewer to absorb content on a page before they choose to move on. The viewer then goes on to spend another 12 seconds, on average, on the rest of the website. So you don’t have long
to make an impact and communicate your message.

A website has the advantage of the soft sell which is very effective in converting sales and promoting a business. It's always easier to make a sale when customers feels they are making the decision. A website can often be the first point of contact, creating a lasting impression and can be the watershed moment as to whether a customer will want to keep you as a contact.

We create functional, engaging websites that present strong impressions, easy to access information and quickly confirm who you are in a customers eyes.

Consider the value!

More and more businesses are investing in the online environment to help promote their products or services because they know it is an affordable sales tool. Compare traditional sales costs to the small investment required to have a powerful online sales tool on the job 24/7.

For a similar cost to traditional website development you can now afford a secure, self administered, all-in-one, online system, packed full of features and tools to make life easier and business more profitable.

Why use a Content Management Systems (CMS)?

At FluxWeb we endeavor to give our clients the very best value and technology that money can buy. In the current marketplace we are finding that even the tightest budget can afford to invest in a Content Management System. Basically these are self administered websites that give the user access to a console that facilitates easy to use editing and management features.

Allowing customers to update content, add photos or new pages, link to documents, manage email campaigns, sell products, manage large customer databases and much more. Have access to powerful website statistics, training documents and online video tutorials. We train you so you have the power to edit your website in real time whenever you please. Keeping it fresh and up-to-date without the need for any technical knowledge.

A well designed CMS using Managed Hosting will last for years, they grow with your business by advancing features and keeping abreast of security issues automatically, so you can focus on your business and not on technology.

Start small. grow big?

The staff at FluxWeb have been supplying all sizes and types of businesses with CMS's and online tools for many years. More of our clients are demanding an online business, one single solution that helps them manage every aspect of their online activities. But we understand that every now and then your customers want to start small and expand over time. With FluxWeb, you have the flexibility to start with a part of the system and upgrade as needed.

To find out more let us take you through a FREE Consultation of how the administration operates, or click here to contact us.