Benefits of adding a live chat to your website

Live chat software is a service added to your website that allows immediate customer support. It works as an instant messenger where your customers can communicate with an agent in real time through a pop up window. Such support has the ability to promptly and conveniently answer customer inquiries which can help increase your sales and conversion rates.

It’s a fast and effective way to offer help without interrupting a customers online experience and according to research 42% of customers prefer live chat over email support and social media forums. Quality customer service is fundamental to the long-term success of any business.

When it comes to your website, providing good support fosters your relationship with your customers and helps you grow your customer base.

Majour benefits live chats

Increase sales and conversion

While browsing your website, prospects and customers will have questions about your product or service. With a live chat, you can answer them immediately while the buyer is still on your website. It’s a fact that companies selling online and use live chat have been able to increase their revenue.

Increase the order value by onselling

A support agent can recommend similar products and services by up-selling and cross-selling to increase the average order value.

Build trust with your customers

One of the challenges customers face especially in online shopping is being disconnected from a sales assistant who can answer their questions precisely and promptly. People are also naturally skeptical of buying things from people they don’t know. By using a live chat, you can have a direct conversation with your buyer that allows you to build that necessary trust. Don’t forget that your customers are also one of your best in spreading the word about your services or products

Real time customer support

One of the most popular ways to use a live chat is for customer support. It’s convenient and customers love it because it’s instant and faster than other support channels. Fact is that the average customer service response times are 2 minutes for live chat, 10 hours for social media and 17 hours for email. Such quick response definitely does increase your customer satisfaction rate.

Reduces support cost

Customer support can be expensive. Traditional customer support can only handle one phone call or answer one email requests at a time. According to recent research live chat service agents can engage in as many as six simultaneous chats.

Collect customers contact details

Unfortunately, not everyone who visits your website will buy from you straight away. Using a live chat you can also collect data about prospects who engaged in a conversation, turn them into leads and follow up with remarketing activities.

Learn and understand your customers needs

A key part of any marketing campaign or sales process is to understand your buyers’ needs and then provide the right solution to them. Live chat data can help you to get that edge over your competitors.


If your website already has good traffic and conversion rates, there's no doubt that a live chat will increase your customer satisfaction rate, conversions and sales.

There are some great tools out there which you can add to your website. Some are even for free.

So what are you waiting for. If you are not using a live chat already then now is a good time to start.

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