Boost your digital knowledge with “Google Digital Garage”

Google now offers free tutorials on everything you need to know about online marketing.

You can:

  • Watch free video sessions about search marketing, social media and more.
  • Create a learning plan that’s right for you whether you are selling online or simply want to reach more people on social media.
  • Earn badges and track you progress.
  • And more ..

Some of the available courses are:

Get started with search

Search engines makes it simple to find what you're looking for with a click of a button. But how do they work, and how can you improve your visibility on them? Learn the difference between organic and paid search results and why advertising on search engines is so effective.

Be noticed with search ads

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) can open up a world of opportunities when it comes to promoting your service or product. By specifically targeting people interested in your website, you can use online advertising to directly connect with future customers. Learn how an SEM auction works and which elements are important to master so you can create ads that stand out from the crowd.

Get noticed with social media

Everyone's on social media, so it makes sense for your business to be there too. Take advantage of popular social media networks by understanding why you need to be there, joining the right social media sites and growing your presence by engaging with your networks.

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Now you can Learn Digital on the go with the new Learn Digital app

Take your classes anywhere.

Watch video tutorials or switch to audio mode when you're driving or cycling.

Download your lessons so you can learn offline.

Start a lesson on mobile, then finish it on desktop for extra flexibility on when you take classes.

Get it on Google Play or iTunes.

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