Think Campaign not Channel

Unfortunately a common online marketing mistake we see with a lot of businesses is that Social Media, SEO or PPC exist in a vacuum. They focus on a single channel, instead of creating campaigns that can capitalise on a multi channel approach.

Their efforts are often aimed at achieving a single goal, such as increasing their Instagram followers or decreasing Google AdWords cost per click. Many online marketing companies will make big promises based on just one channel. We believe this is short sighted, irresponsible and wrong. Due to the now everyday use of multiple channels by consumers, informed decisions around marketing strategy and budgets cannot be made based on a single channel.

Better results come from building trust and relationships. Using different channels to communicate and interact with your prospects allows you to reach a wider audience and therefore increase your visibility. Regardless of what channel or medium they use, as long as you are visible to your prospects, you are getting your message across.

You may have heard how important Social Media is or historical proof may tell you that certain channels have more traction than others however the facts are that search engines are everywhere online and value all activity. Online activity is compounding and human nature looks for confirmation from numerous sources before making a decision.

Therefore in order be successful online you need to think big and create campaigns that can work across multiple channels. All the big companies do it, it’s not expensive, it just requires a broader approach and trust. First create a compelling message, then push it out through all your online channels, using well balanced media buying budgets and ongoing fine tuning to optimise a targeted reach and positive return.

To maximise a campaigns ROI we recommend:

  • Create buyer personas
  • Provide relevant and compelling content or offers
  • Setup up (conversion optimised) landing pages
  • Use lead capture tools
  • Make your offer prominent on all pages of your website
  • Use a multi channel approach
  • Send digital mail
  • Post on Social Media and promote
  • Setup Google AdWords and Merchant Center
  • Use remarketing email automation tools
  • Setup Google remarketing ads
  • Dedicate a high enough budget to optimise leads and sales
  • Make use of SEO - write relevant blog posts and link to social media

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