Adobe Business Catalyst - End of Life Announcement

Adobe Business Catalyst - End of Life Announcement

Important Update from Adobe - 11th April 2018: More than two weeks have passed since the End of Life Announcement for Business Catalyst. During this time we have listened to your feedback on a variety of channels in addition to speaking directly with our partners. Two pain points we’ve heard consistently are the timelines for closing down Business Catalyst along with the ability to upgrade trial sites to paid. Recognizing that these are challenges that many partners face, we have decided to modify our plans in order to ease your transition out of the Business Catalyst platform, as follows:

We are extending the End of Life timeline from 2 years to 3 years, with the end of life now scheduled for March 26th, 2021. We hope this additional year will give our valued customers and partners sufficient time to move clients to a different platform.

We are extending the ability to upgrade trial sites to paid until 8/27 (was 6/18). This new date provides you with 5 months past the End of Life Announcement to close all of your on-going projects.

Thank you providing your feedback and insight. We know this is a difficult transition and are committed to help you succeed in the effort to migrate your sites to new platforms.

Adobe Business Catalyst End of Life Announcement - 26th March 2018

On 26th of May 2018 Adobe announced that as of 26th March 2021 they will no longer be supporting ‘Business Catalyst’. The content management system (CMS) that we and thousands of other Digital Marketing Agencies have used for over 12 years to build and host websites. Adobe’s official statement -

This has come as a huge shock to the digital industry, affecting over 75,000 websites world wide, including 70 of our own here at Flux Creative. For reasons only known to Adobe they have chosen not to keep it running, providing no explanation or solution to their loyal customers.

While this news is shocking news, it isn’t that much of a surprise considering the fast paced nature of the digital world. When ‘Business Catalyst’ was launched by 2 Aussies entrepreneurs in 2004 there were really no worthwhile CMS’s on the market. They built it up to be a great, affordable platform for small to medium online businesses providing a unique all-in-one solution. Adobe then acquired it in 2009 and continued to develop and support it until now.

Today the online marketplace is changing with the demands of more advanced customisation and system integrations, mobile first, the internet of things and the evolution of the drag and drop website environments.

Even though disappointing, we see this announcement as an opportunity for our clients to advance into the next generation of website technology. We are already mapping out possible options, ranging from simple DIY type solutions to more advanced CMS systems.

We have plenty of time to help you make this change to a new system and will be working hard to support you in this transition.

Remember there is no such thing as one solutions fits all business needs or marketing strategies. At Flux Creative we strive to deliver the best suitable systems for our clients.

Feel free to contact us if you need assistance or want to speak to one of our experts.