Valuable Plugins / Apps for your Adobe Business Catalyst Website

Apps or plugin are custom features that you we install as an add on to your business catalyst website. Find a list of selected helpful plugins below.

Insites - Xero Integration - Orders and Contacts

If you run an online store and use Xero for your accounting package, then this integration is perfect for you. Our solution covers Orders created within Business Catalyst and sends them to Xero. You no longer need to update Orders on multiple systems, it’s all automated.

Get notified about the orders. To ensure you are constantly in the know, we will send you an email on a sucessfull push of BC Order data to Xero. Likewise, if we run into a problem we will also notify you.

Google Calendar Plugin

Import Google Calendar into Beautiful Calendar Layouts. Allows you to maintain a calendar using the easiest to use and most accessible calendar out there... Google Calendar, while you can control the layout and retain excellent calendar functionality.

Social Media Feed

Finally a simple way to aggregate all of your brands' social media posts into a single beautiful social media feed on your website.

Features Get Noticed - Beautiful social feed with posts from all your accounts. Save Time - Easy website embed. Specially built for Business Catalyst Stand Out - Use our provided styling or style it yourself! Be everywhere - Responsive. Looks great on all devices. Sit back and relax - Automatically updates your feed. Pulls in new posts when you post them.

Feeds: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Cart Assistant

Cart Assistant (includes both "Cart Message" / "Cart Redirect"). You can now offer customers a more dynamic way to interact with the cart usage and drive more customers to sales before they abandon the cart by providing them an extra advantage for shopping.

Cart Message: Enables you to enter a custom amount you want to let your customers interact with and you can show them a custom positive or negative message based on how much they added to cart, this method can be used to drive customers to spend a little more on order to get some advantage whilst shopping online.

Cart Message provides a set of options for value calculation in the cart to be used, being Total Cart amount, Products Combined amount with an without tax, Shipping total with and without tax.

Abandon Cart

Recover 15% of Abandoned Orders!

Did you know that 2/3rds of your online sales are abandoned at checkout? That is a lot of revenue that is being lost. With good abandoned cart software you can recover 15% of those lost orders. This is an investment that will pay for itself. Install today and watch your sales increase overnight.

Abandoned Cart tracks who is shopping on your website and if they leave your website without completing their order, we send them a branded email 24 hours later itemizing products that were in their cart at the time and inviting them back to the website to continue with their purchase.

This app is perfect for savvy business owners looking to increase their sales!

XML Feed

Need to export your products to XML? XML Feed app is the easiest way to create feeds in minutes.

XML Feed app allows you to produce any product feed .xml file you like from admin! Sometimes you need to create XML feeds for third parties like your search provider, resellers, affiliates etc. This app allows you to cater to their requirements of feeds with a fully customizable feed layout. All accessible directly within your admin panel in Business Catalyst.

Zendesk Integration

Zendesk is one of the best services for helpdesk in the world. And with extra data from Adobe BC CRM it becomes just irresistible for your site. You will see not only visitor’s name and email in Zendesk dashboard, but also his phone, device class, company, website, birthdate, rating, industry. And you can see even full CRM information just by direct link to this customer for Adobe BC CRM. All this can be done using Zendesk Integration app for Adobe Business Catalyst. You can choose yourself which information will be passed from site to Zendesk ticket via widget.


LiveChat Integration for Adobe Business Catalyst. There are customers waiting on your website right now; satisfy these customers with a premium live chat experience. This app makes the installation of a live chat widget on Business Catalyst simple and gives you the ability to pass a wide range of information about the user the Business Catalyst CRM to your live chat agents, empowering them to better guide your visitors through the sales and support process.

Pay with PayPal

The paypwithpaypal is a plugin that enables you to accept basic payments using Paypal and customised web forms which is not currently natively supported in Adobe Business Catalsyt.