Why a brand style guide is important for your business

Why a brand style guide is important for your business

A Brand Style Guide is a document outlining a set of standards and rules that define your company’s branding. It references grammar, tone, logo usage, colours, visuals, word usage, point of view, and more.

Brand guidelines help you create a unified identity across various marketing channels, stakeholders and over time. If you want your brand to be strong and stand out, it's critical to maintain a consistent look and feel.

Further reasons why your business should have brand guidelines:

  • To guarantee brand consistency throughout all customer touchpoints.
  • Your team will work more efficient having guidelines.
  • Great branding boost loyalty!
  • A strong brand can create an identity beyond what it sells!

Brand Style Guide template

The team at Flux Creative have now created an easy to follow Brand Style Guide template for you to use to develop your very own Brand Style Guide. Just fill out and submit the form below.

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This document will help you:

  • Set standards and rules
  • Guarantee brand consistency
  • Build your brand recognition
  • Tell stakeholders how to treat your brand
  • Support creative as a visual guide

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