Why should I use a marketing agency?

Why should I use a marketing agency?

All businesses need to advertise! A rule-of-thumb is 5% of your revenue should go towards marketing. Now this may be slightly different depending on your sector and competition but an undeniable truth is that unless you operate in a monopoly you are going to need to advertise.

All businesses have the choice of running their own in-house marketing team or outsourcing marketing tasks to external agencies.

You might feel more in control of outcomes and budgets with an internal marketing team however working with a professional marketing agency can bring many advantages.

Here are some reasons why you might consider outsourcing:


Working with a marketing agency allows you to access a team of experts on a time and material basis without having any fixed cost.

External support is also easily scalable, flexible and can align with your business needs.

By outsourcing, you free up your time to focus on other areas of your business. You also don’t have to carry any overheads such as office rent, workstations, staff training, sick or holiday leave.

If you’re unsure it might be worthwhile comparing the return on investment between both.

Different Perspective

Marketing agencies have experience working with businesses in a variety of industries, so they will definitely bring fresh ideas and insights to the table. Agencies can also review your current setup, marketing strategies and recommend ways to improve them.

Experience, expertise and quality of work

Agencies consist of professionals who have specialised knowledge and expertise in various marketing disciplines. They stay up-to-date with industry trends, best practices and emerging technologies.

Resources and quality of equipment

Agencies typically have access to more advanced equipment, tools, technologies and resources that may not be affordable or feasible for individual businesses.

Proven strategies and results

Agencies have tested and refined strategies, frameworks and processes with experience in delivering results and better outcomes for businesses.

Hybrid method

A hybrid method is one where a business maintains a much smaller in-house marketing department to reduce costs but outsources most of the technical and creative tasks to external agencies. This way a business can keep control of the process but cherry pick expertise when and where needed.


From experience there are many advantages to engaging an external marketing agency, either working independently or with your in-house team.

Before engaging an agency make sure you conduct thorough research, evaluate their past work, client testimonials and engage in detailed discussions to ensure they are the right fit for your marketing requirements.